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Gifting Melt: Massage for Couples for Christmas

Learning to massage is the perfect romantic Christmas gift for your partner – after a long year, who wouldn’t want to relax together in the living room and get extra close with a little back rub? Give your partner a lifetime membership to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series and watch them light up. We’ve made […]

What is a Connected, Happy Marriage?

  Hi Guys, it’s Emma here! It’s nice to take the reins from Den for a moment to touch base with you all. I’m always here working behind the scenes alongside Denis, but you and I don’t get much face time with each other – and you certainly never hear me talk! Turns out I […]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas: Your Complete Guide

It may be Valentine’s Day, but red roses and restaurant reservations are NOT mandatory. And romance needn’t be expensive. Thoughtfulness beats all when it comes to romance. Doing something you know your sweetheart will adore is a thousand times better than racking up the credit card bill for overpriced flowers on one day when everyone […]

Gifting Melt: Massage for Couples for Valentine’s Day

Learning to massage is the perfect romantic gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day! Picture it: a romantic night in for two, candles, a little wine, a little massage… Gift your partner a lifetime membership to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series and watch them light up. Kick it off for them by actually treating them […]

How to Get More “Us Time” in Your Marriage

Something magical happens when we give our relationships the time and space to bloom together. Imagine feeling more connected to your partner in every way, being completely secure in your relationship knowing that what you have is rock solid. This kind of intimacy can only be built over time, by giving yourself and your partner […]

Free Download: IOU a Massage Vouchers

It can be hard to gift a massage – so we’ve made it a little easier with our free downloadable IOU massage vouchers. These are the perfect way to put a smile on your partner’s face and build a little anticipation for a special night ahead. Slip them into birthday or anniversary cards, box them […]

How to Gift a Mother’s Day Foot Rub

Do you know what your wonderful wife deserves for Mother’s Day this year? A sensational foot rub. And I know just the man to do it! (Yes, I mean you!) She’s on her feet all day, after all. Whether its running after those rascals you two created, strutting through the office in heels, being up […]

This Will Be Really Special For Your Sweetie

Here’s an adorable way to turn your massage into a mystery treasure hunt that will build anticipation and keep your sweetie guessing all day long. We’ve had these punny, punny printables designed especially to help you in gifting Melt – or in just gifting a massage to your partner, no matter how long you’ve had […]