What is a Connected, Happy Marriage?


Hi Guys, it’s Emma here! It’s nice to take the reins from Den for a moment to touch base with you all.

I’m always here working behind the scenes alongside Denis, but you and I don’t get much face time with each other – and you certainly never hear me talk! Turns out I have an Australian accent too, just like my husband.

I caught up with Dr. Corey Allan from Simple Marriage and earlier in the week to ask some of the harder questions about keeping marriages connected and happy… and how to get more couple time.

We had an amazing chat and Corey shared some of his expert insights into marriage, drawing on his career as a Family and Couples Therapist and also his own 23 years of marriage.

Watch the video above for Corey’s great advice on:

  • What a connected, happy marriage really looks like
  • Some of the most important universal truths that will keep any marriage solid
  • How to steal more couple time, even when you’re tired, busy and have children
  • How to get out of a rough patch in your marriage (and why they’re normal)
  • How to work through the massage-sex expectation we see in some relationships
  • The markers of true love and how to cultivate them

What stands out the most for you in this conversation?

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