Gifting Melt: Massage for Couples for Valentine’s Day

Learning to massage is the perfect romantic gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day! Picture it: a romantic night in for two, candles, a little wine, a little massage…

Gift your partner a lifetime membership to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series and watch them light up. Kick it off for them by actually treating them to a decadent massage on February 14th and they’ll melt beneath your hands.

We’ve made it extra easy for you with our downloadable Valentine gift certificates and free printables.



Step 1

Adorable Punny Massage Clues

Download these cute, punny massage printables for free. We like to have them printed and laminated, then cut them out and tuck them around the house – inside shoes, under pillows, on the bathroom mirror – as clues that something special is coming later.

Alternatively, all our Valentine memberships come with a downloadable gift voucher that you can wrap up or pop in a fancy envelope for the perfect present!



Step 2

Wrap Up Some Massage Oil

To make this gift really special, we suggest finding something to accompany the voucher that you can wrap and present alongside it.

Massage oil is a natural choice – you’re going to be needing it anyway to get started on your massaging together! If you already have oils at home – then you’re good to go. If not – below are some resources for you.

There are some gorgeous massage oil options (we’ve listed a few favorites below) – pick one up while you’re at the mall or have it delivered from the internet and present it nestled into a box with some tissue paper for a gorgeous gift.

Consider adding some scented candles and maybe even a soft hand towel (handy for wiping off oil) if you’re wanting something extra.

A good quality massage oil is easy to find – you can pick it up at the drugstore or the grocery store. We’re a fan of plain carrier oils at Melt, they’re simple and natural (but of course, there are also some beautiful blended, scented oils out there too).

What we like about carrier oils / base oils is that they’re made from the one product, for example: Almond Oil, Apricot or Grapeseed Oil. If you’re allergic to Almonds use Apricot or Grapeseed.

Oil blends will include a number of different oils and will usually come with a scent too. Be careful that neither you nor your partner have sensitive skin that will react with blended essential oils, or any aversion at all to certain essential oils (some aren’t suitable for pregnancy, for example). Do your research first. If you’re not sure about sensitivities or contraindications, you’re best to stick to 100% apricot oil.

Carrier Oils

hugos-massage-oil From Amazon, there’s the Kusala Life Sweet Almond Oil with its earthy, upmarket packaging and a great product to boot, with a little hint of Vitamin E in there for extra skin nourishing. It’s sourced from Non-GMO Almond kernels and it’s sub-$20. Here’s a slightly more masculine packaging with the Primitive Sweet Almond Oil – a great choice if you’re gifting Melt to the man in your life. Also all natural, also under $20. This Beauty Aura 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil is a good lower cost alternative at the $11 mark – again, all natural with no nasties and great for sensitive skins. I also really love the Hugo Naturals brand with their all-natural ingredients in both a plain carrier oil and also some exotic scent combinations.

Your Cheapest Carrier Oil on Amazon

This 4oz bottle of Apricot Oil will work perfectly if you’re looking for something on a budget. It’s a small bottle yet enough to get you through several massages together. It’s 100% natural, cold pressed and the perfect consistency for massage. It’s Denis’ choice when looking for a budget oil. Get it here from Amazon for under $5 delivered.

Blended Oils shunga-massage-oil

If you’re looking for a seriously sexy massage blend, the guys at Shunga do an amazing job of quality, natural massage oils. Try the one in Exotic Fruits ($13.81) for a high octane dose of aphrodisiac. Or for something deeply romantic try the Now Foods Tranquil Massage Oil ($9.37) for its rose scent and healing properties.


Step 3

Get a lifetime membership to Melt: Massage for Couples

Finally, get a lifetime membership for yourself and your partner to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series. We’ll teach you all the secrets of an amazing massage with our signature massage techniques and sequences. Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable with this unique way to connect, be more playful and show that you care.

When you buy Melt, you’ll have it forever and you can watch it, use it and massage each other as many times as you like.

Learn in the comfort of your own living room. It makes a great stay home date night for two and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. By the end, you’ll be able to give your partner a delicious 30-minute back rub… and they’ll know how to rub you right, too!

For Valentine’s Day, we’re offering lifetime memberships to Melt at just $99. This is going to be your most romantic February 14 yet, learning to make each other melt.