How to Massage Deeper Without Hurting Your Hands

This is one of our most popular questions at Melt: Massage for Couples, and with good reason! Sore hands are responsible for the premature ending of basically 100% of all amateur massages.

Luckily, saving your hands is an easier fix than you might think.

When I was massaging professionally for my day job, I would often have to do 8 or more massages back to back (no pun intended! Ha!) and have my hands last all day long.

And most people are just like the rest of us – they all want the deep tissue stuff too.

The answer is a little counter-intuitive, but I promise it works and if you follow this advice you’ll be instantly lasting so much longer when you give your partner a massage.

Take a look at the video above and before you know it you’ll be treating your partner to a massage deeper than you’ve ever given them before! 

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