Q&A: What If I Can’t Massage in The Melt Set Up?

The Melt Set Up is the position we always massage in here at Melt. 

I came up with it over a decade ago when I was looking for an effective, intimate way to massage Emma – you might say it worked, because she is now my wife! (Watch the above video right to the end for that full backstory!) 

And while I still believe it is the perfect combination of intimate and ergonomic, allowing you to keep your partner super close and without the need for massage tables or specialist equipment, I know there are some limitations. 

Specifically, not everybody can sit in this position for a long period of time while massaging. And some people can’t sit in it at all. 

We give you two alternatives to The Melt Set Up in this vid, that can still be used with all my techniques to give your partner a delicious back rub. 

Check them out and let me know what you think! Were these helpful to you?