Don’t Forget To Do This Technique!

You’ll forget, I promise!

Couples Massage Tutorial – Press Play – Watch the Tutorial

How confident are you with your back rubs?

Do you know where the knots are? Do you love getting into them while you watch your partner melt as all that tension releases. It’s so good! And here’s where the problem begins…

We become addicted to watching our partner melt! We want it more, it makes us feel good about ourselves – knowing we have that golden touch. And what happens over time, we keep hitting those spots over and over forgetting that there’s a whole body sitting there getting cold!

Don’t let them get cold. Enjoy your deep tissue strokes, that’s a must! But keep coming back to your relaxation strokes to warm your partner up from time to time. It’ll make them float. It’ll keep them happy! It’s the complete experience.