What If I Cannot Reach His Hands?

Do you ever feel like you cannot get the technique perfectly right?

Couples Massage Tutorial – Press Play – Watch the Tutorial

One of the best massage techniques I’ll teach you is called the Basic Stroke – and it really is truly basic. Problem is that usually women cannot complete the massage stroke on their man when their man has broad shoulders and they have a smaller frame.

The problem is that they cannot glide all the way down to their partner’s hands and interlace fingers the way I do during the basic stroke.


This is easy… focus on the hug! This is more important than reaching all the way down the arms.

Hug it out, make it as couply as you can and make it personal. It’ll be a massage unlike any other your partner has ever received. And it s far more important to hold a hug than it is to interlace fingers at the end of the stroke.