How To Apply Oil The Right Way!

Do you slap on massage oil and hope for the best?

Couples Massage Tutorial – Press Play – Watch the Tutorial

Anyone can slap on oil – but not you and me! We’re going to do it the right way – every, single, time!

This is the beginning of your massage, and you want to get this right! The way you apply oil sets the tone of your massage…

TOO MUCH – and your oil base will be wet, it’ll feel sloppy, there wont be a connection between you and your partner and the massage will feel incredibly amateurish. Start this way and your massage will end poorly!

TOO LITTLE – and it’ll be dry, the body will heat up quickly which isn’t a bad thing but you better know what you’re doing! Your massage will be laboursome and you’ll tire out quickly. Usually cutting your massage short leaving your partner feeling like – “meh, that was a crappy massage.”

Let me show you how to get it right first time, every time.