What it Costs to Make Massage Oil?

Are you curious to see what’s involved in developing an oil bottle?

Couples Massage Tutorial – Press Play – Watch the Tutorial

Not exactly a tutorial – but still an important video… this might give you an appreciation of what a bottle costs to product and how much money I actually make per bottle.


Since making this video, there have been additional warehouse charges that I didn’t take into account with storing product that is not being filled. That’s a bummer!

Additional charges that have shown up since making this video:

  • Storage costs
  • Master boxes costs – the cost of boxing the bottles into the one box to ship to Amazon
  • Costs of accepting supplies into the warehouse
  • Additional picking costs
  • Returns

There’s more associated costs too – which I didn’t take into account.

The oil bottles are no longer being sold at $13.95 so I dont completely run out of money.