How To Be Awesome At Receiving Back Rubs!

Do you know how to be awesome at receiving back rubs?

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Ha! Caught you on this one, didn’t I?!

There is such a thing as being a good recipient. Not all back rubs should be one sided, where you get to sit back and do nothing. Let your partner massage you into to bliss relaxation. No don’t get me wrong – yes, that’s awesome!

Doing nothing, letting the tension drip away from your body as your mate rubs into your knots and pounds at your muscles until they’re mushy and light…

But, then at times there are those back rubs where you’re involved and receptive to what your partner is doing. And it’s a dance, you’re in tune with each other. It’s passionate and sexy, it’s lively and hot… I mean haaaaawwwt! And this is what I’m talking about. Bringing passion into your back rubs to switch up the dynamic!

Not only do you have a fun time, but now your partner… the person that’s massage you. They are also having a great time too.


Being active will always guarantee more back rubs in the future!