Your Complete Checklist for a Romantic Massage at Home

Here’s a little secret for you: you don’t have to be great at massage to give your partner an amazing, romantic massage experience.

Your massage should only be part of the equation. The best experiences include music, ambiance and anticipation.

Ideally, by the time you get your hands on your partner, they should already be bowled over by your efforts to connect and make them melt. It’s easy to make this happen…

Here’s some ideas you can do to make your massage experience unlike anything anyone has even created for your partner before:

The Ambiance
Soft music, flickering candles and even some seductive foods make for the perfect setting.

  • Dim the lights
  • Clean and tidy your space
  • Heat the room to comfort level
  • Make use of tea light or votive candles
  • Your partner’s favourite music (chilled / soft recommended, although most genres work)
  • Switch devices off (no distractions)
  • Privacy is highly recommended

The Massage Equipment
It’s important to have everything you need to massage your partner close by. The best massages are ones that flow, from beginning to end, without distractitions. Once your hands touch your partner aim to keep your hands on them until the massage ends. Make your partner the most important person in the world to you at that moment.

  • Towels or a soft blanket for the floor (you don’t want massage oil in your carpet)
  • Hand towel on standby for wiping off oil later
  • Small footstool or sturdy pillows
  • Your favourite massage oil
  • Large towel or sarong to wrap around your partner while massaging them
  • Hair tie for your partner if they have long hair
  • TV, laptop or iPad if you’re streaming the Melt: Massage for Couples video courses

The Romantic Massage Optional Extras
If you want to take your romantic massage night up a notch, here are some decadent additions you can consider for an ultimate seduction.

  • Fruit and cheese platter
  • Bottle of wine
  • Blindfold (cut off one sense, all the others heighten… this will make your massage feel even better!)
  • Scenery (romantic getaway – think hotel or log cabin)

Here’s just one example of setting up an intimate expereince. Book your partner in for a “special date night” ahead of time, and then lets get organised.

On the night, draw your partner a relaxing bath (assuming your place has a bathtub – if not skip this paragraph). Set up the bathroom with candles and music, perhaps hand them a cup of tea or a glass of wine on their way into the bathroom, let them know you’d like them to relax and you’ll be back to get them in a little while.

As they’re soaking in the tub, you’ll set up your massage space using the checklist above. Then, head back to the bathroom with blindfold in hand. Collect your partner and have them leave their towel on, or pop on a robe.

Slip the blindfold around their eyes and carefully lead them to the massage space. Settle them in their spot, hand them a glass of wine while you get yourself set up.

Settle in behind, hands on their shoulders and gently annouce they’re about to receive a massage. Follow-along to one of our curated massage routines. Ideally, you will have already practiced the techniques ahead of time with your partner. This is just taking your practical knowledge from good to amazing, knee-weakening, classic romance.

And watch them Melt in your hands…

Common Things That Ruin A Massage
Watch out for these.

  • Distractions – not being present
  • Interruptions – massage stops often
    • Breaking the flow of the massage is a Melt sin. Frequent stop/starts are a mood killer.
  • Pain / Uncomfortable
    • As soon as one person is uncomfortable or in pain the massage ends
    • This could be due to posture, seated arrangement
    • Poor massage technique
  • Cold room / Messy Room
  • Cold hands
  • Poor preparation
    • Run out of oil
    • Forgetting your wipe off towel
    • Music too loud
  • Attitude / emotions
  • Messy room
  • Harsh lighting
  • Uninspiring music
  • Boring massage – not being present.
  • Poor technique
  • The bed (soft surfaces are difficult to massage on)
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