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Make Your Partner Melt

Simple Instructions for a Beautiful Massage
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Live Massage Courses

2 hour hands-on workshopRave reviewsFun and informativeHeld in Melbourne, Australia
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Video Courses

Learn how to massage at home on your iPad, Laptop or Smart TV. Our expert massage tips are presented in a series of short clips so you can learn fast, and your partner can fall head-over-heels in love with your hands in no time! You’ll be performing your first couples massage within 20 minutes.

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Live Workshops

Our sell-out live couples massage courses have been running in Australia since 2006. It’s a fun, easy 2 hours of learning how to massage each other in an interactive workshop. The perfect romantic date idea to do together on the weekend! Learn new skills you’ll keep forever – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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Ebook Manuals

Download our instructional couples massage eBooks directly to your hard drive, or upload to your iTunes account for easy reading across all devices – large images complete with muscle-mapping detail each massage stroke for straightforward, simple instruction. Stocked with expert massage tips and follow-along routines.

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Denis and Emma Merkas

Couples Massage Tips

Massage is easy when you know what you’re doing. 

follow along couples massage videos

World-First Couples Massage Videos

Get up close and personal with each massage technique – stream to your laptop, iPad, tablet or SMART TV.

Learn how to massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home and make your partner melt. Create the ambiance you want with scented candles, chilled music and soft lighting… it’s a fantastic night in for two! Your partner will love you for it.

Within 20 minutes you’ll be working through your first couples massage routine… it’s really that easy!

About The Author

Hi. My name is Denis Merkas, and that’s my awesome wife Emma.

We teach couples how to massage each other, and have done together since 2006.

Denis and Emma Merkas

I created Melt to woo Emma into dating me – in the beginning, this was my special routine just for her. An amazing series of simple massage routines that would make her melt. It made our relationship a whole lot of fun. Melt is an incredible way for two people to connect and be intimate.

My massage routines are now available to all couples who want to learn, I think it’ll be the best date idea you’ll do this year! Not to mention a very creative and unique experience to share with your partner.

Melt: Massage for Couples is the result of years of fine-tuning massage techniques through live workshops with thousands of couples. I’ve gone through every technique I know and narrowed it down to the best massage tips for couples. Nothing like this exists in the world – it’s designed so you can pick it up fast and it’s foolproof: just follow along with me and your partner will be melting underneath your hands in no time.


    No one wants to watch cheesy, awkward massage videos. Everything we create at Melt is not only strictly PG-rated, we have also gone to great lengths to keep our production tasteful and sophisticated. That means no nudity, no cringe-worthy content and, as one reviewer put it “no sensitive ponytail men”


    Every technique has been broken down into a small video that runs just a few minutes. Watch as much or as little as you like at a time, you can learn at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the videos. Pay once, use them forever.


    We teach couples how to massage, the way it should be done at home. Who really wants to give their partner a one-hour massage on a table? No one. That’s a really long time. We have ditched complicated jargon and unnecessary complicated techniques. Instead, we give you the perfect amount of information for a 30-minute routine that hits all the right spots – YUM! Plus, you can do it on your couch or lounge room floor. No special equipment needed.

What Couples Are Saying About Melt

Neal & Grace

A great way for us to be together and unwind and for just ten to fifteen minutes lose track of everything and intensely focus on each other.

Neal & GraceNorth Carolina, USA
Karen & John

A perfect treat for a memorable romantic night in, and allows you to connect with your spouse whether you have plenty of time, or only a little…

Karen & JohnNSW, Australia
Stephen & Wendi

We’ve only made it through the 5 minute routine, but have already learned a lot, and realized we were doing a lot wrong for a long time! We were using the “pinchy pinchy” method of massaging the shoulders, rather than contouring and keeping our palms and fingertips down, and what a difference such a small change can make!

Stephen & WendiMaine, USA
Janae & Gian

The videos are super professional, easy to follow and relaxing just to watch and learn. Since we started the Melt series, our relationship has blossomed even more and become more intimate through these incredible massages. We can’t wait to try some more!

Janae & GianKansas, USA
Gerardo & Emilia

A most exciting opportunity to really connect with each other through massage

Gerardo & EmiliaVictoria, Australia
Kaileen & Michael

My boyfriend’s and my primary love languages is physical touch. I wanted to become ‘fluent’ in this language

Kaileen & MichaelCalifornia, USA
Britani & Adam

It’s less about having the perfect technique and more about paying attention to your partner and how s/he reacts to the touch

Britani & AdamNebraska, USA

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    Simple instructions for a beautiful massage

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