How To Be Awesome


Improve the connection, romance & intimacy in the back rubs you share with your partner!

Do you star-fish it when it comes to back rubs? Use this guide to help you make your back rubs even better!


To inspire your partner to give you more back rubs!!

ADVANCED TUTORIAL: Although a basic concept this tutorial is for the advanced couple that wants the most out of their massages at home!

If you are able to achieve this level of connection, I applaud you! You’ve achieved the most important part of couples massage – a strong connection. Being in tune with your partner’s body.

It’s important to note: there is no right or wrong. Some people like to lay back and do nothing, others like to engage and be active. Try both and see what works for you.

Simple Instructions for a Beautiful Massage

1. Sign Up

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2. Start Watching

Stream to watch the tutorials anytime, on any device. Each massage technique takes only a few minutes to learn, and by the end you’ll be giving 30-minute massages with no sore hands!  

3. Get Rubbing

Just add massage oil and you’re ready to go! Enjoy the videos at your own pace, in your own home. It’s a great date night in for two.

Watch as few or as many as you like at a time.

“The videos have given me a new, tangible way to show love to my husband.”

“I’ve been massaging my wife for years and have never got the response that I get from using your techniques.”

“You’ve helped bring us closer together.”

“This is a great team-building, relationship-enhancing, romantic, downright awesome gift!”

3 Different Ways to Learn

Simple instructions for a beautiful massage

Video Courses

Choose from back and shoulders, head, hands and feet. The easiest way to learn at your own pace, just stream and follow along at home. 

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eBook Manuals

Stocked with great couples massage tips, complete with muscle-mapping images so you can picture what’s under the surface. 

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Live Courses

Held in Melbourne, Australia. Two hour live group class held in a gorgeous boutique hotel. Fun, lively and comfortable, with rave reviews.

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