couples massage

Simple, beautiful massage techniques
you can learn at home.

Press Play, Follow-Along
& Make Your Partner Melt.

It’s so easy you can start tonight.

Melt’s MasterClass Includes:
47 massage classes.

3 courses:
Basic  |  Intermediate  |  Advanced


4 Types Of Shoulder Massage

so easy, start tonight

Tonight, begin with the basics. So easy it takes 25-mins to learn and you’ll:

Swap roles
Explore each others body
Make Your Partner Melt

After tonight the massage classes advance. Learn how to find knots and use deeper tissue massage that has your partner sounding “mmm” and “ahh…”

But first, we start playful.

Our videos include no nudity or awkward moments.
We keep it clean on screen but you can spice up as much as you like! A playful massage encourages exploration and connection.