The Most Important Massage Tip I’ll Ever Teach You

If you were to ask me “Steve, what is the secret to the perfect back rub?” My answer would be:

1. “Actually, my name is Denis.” and

2. “Contour your hands to your partner’s body.”

I’m an Australian massage therapist, and I specialise in teaching couples how to give amazing back rubs.

Over the last decade, I’ve taught over 20,000 couples in more than 50 countries using my methods how to give a great massage at home, so they can last longer than five minutes and not end up with sore hands at the end.

If I could give you only one tip to a better back rub, it would be contouring. This is the #1 technique couples should start with to make their hands feel more professional.

Check the GIF below out…

The MOST important massage tip I’ll ever teach you

Couples Massage Tips

Take a closer look at my hands in this clip – watch how they contour to my wife’s body… notice how relaxed she is… notice how each finger moulds to her curves, palms are down too.

Looks good, huh?

Best of all, this doesn’t hurt my hands, nor do my thumbs want to pop off and run away.

I could literally do this for hours without putting any stress on my hands and it feels simply amazing!

Most couples go in too deep, too early – making their back rubs feel amateurish. Worst of all, as soon as your hands begin to hurt, you give up and your partner has a very unsatisfying massage experience that lasts just a few minutes.

I want you to do it the way professional massage therapists do.

Always warm the muscles up first. I call this “romancing the body.”

The easiest way for you to do this, is… you guessed it! To contour your hands.

Start by moulding your hands to your partner’s body – follow along to how I do it in the GIF above.

Your goal is to see if we can relax our partner, make their shoulders drop and sink back into us. We need to start here before we can move on to teaching you knots and deep tissue work.

The single most important massage tip I’ll ever teach you. Mould your hands to your partner’s body: “Keep your palms down & fingertips down.”

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