Hey, I’m Denis Merkas, and this is Melt Massage for Couples. Simple, beautiful massage techniques couples can learn at home.


Let’s go back to 2005. I met a girl and am totally crushing on her, so cute! At this age I’ve been a professional practitioner for 4 years… (massage confidence, I had lots of it.)

So, she said yes to a massage! Perfect, lets give her a massage she’ll never forget;

  • I got rid of the massage table
  • Turned the connection dial to 11
  • And then add the hands of a professional practitioner.

We started dating that night.

Melt is 100% my work (I may have stolen the way we sit from the movie ghost).

For the next 2 years we kept Melt quiet (just for us, no-one else). And then live workshops started. It took a few years to warm up before the workshops started selling out. Classes were big (50 people per class) and we did them often.

We spent 8 years teaching live workshops before Melt was filmed – it’s this time where I got to observe how couples massage each other. I made mistakes, I watched couples make mistakes and we learned from it – each workshop helped me refine my techniques and how I teach. We refined Melt until we got it right, until workshops with 50 people ran smoothly time and time over. You know that feeling you get when you’ve got it right and it’s all about that flow… it’s such bliss.


  • More than 50,000 couples have bought Melt’s MasterClass
  • In over 190 countries
  • Melt produces it’s own massage oil (Sweet Almond Oil – on Amazon)

These days I no longer work in clinical practice and Merkas Health has been closed for years. My time is now dedicated on studying how physical touch affects the health and happiness of couples. Melt has come a long way from that first massage I gave Emma in 2005.

My goal for Melt is to reach 1-million melt’ers and then hire a research lab to conduct independent studies on how non-sexual physical touch benefits our health at home.

Mainstream massage is heavily focused on sports therapy, pain management and muscle recovery. There’s so much science yet to be discovered that we can study now that Melt is growing so big. As Melt moves towards that 1-million target we’ll begin to research into:

  • Bridging muscle and emotion connection / do muscles store emotions?
  • Relationship / bonding between a couple using physical touch, effects on oxytocin

This is an ongoing process, it feels so far away but I cannot stop thinking about it. Hypothesis will change over time, this I’m sure of. I invite you to be part of this, I’ll teach you how to massage (press play, follow-along and you’ll be great at it) and you can help me study the results.

I want all Melt’ers to be a part of our future studies – we have something important that can benefit couples world-wide, there’s so much to learn and much to add to the psychology books.

What is Melt all about? Start by watching this video

Get Your Hands On Each Other – Its Good For You! Denis Merkas