Foot Stools for Massage

If you’ve been watching our videos, you’ll know that at Melt we teach massage a little differently. The Melt Set Up does away with massage tables and specialist equipment so you and your partner can have a more intimate experience when you’re massaging, with minimal set up.

The key to The Melt Set Up is support under your butt – it’s super important! It’ll help you stay comfortable while massaging your partner. Without it, you wont have any fun massaging because your knees and body will hurt.

Below, we give you a few options, from completely free home hacks, to ideas that can be stylish and practical. It’s your choice how you want to approach this, all we care about is finding a solution for you that will keep you comfortable and help extend your massages! 


These are shipped to you flat packed – which means you’ll need to fill the foot stools with bean bag beans, available at your local Walmart or online.

We took a lot of care in creating these foot stools to our exact specifications for a relaxing massage. They come with an inner tongue to help you fill the foot stool to your desired size that will suit your body best. We’ve included two safety zippers so children cannot get to the beans inside, the zippers have a small home that you can push them into so they dont catch your floorboards. And the faux leather look material we used is a high quality grade that you can easily clean. 

Filler Beans

The cheapest options and what you need to know

How Much is Needed: Approximately 35 litres / 1.25 cubic feet.

It’s 1/3 of the big bags you find on Amazon or at Walmart


Bean bag beans are very unsafe for children, and should be handled with care. Small children can choke on them if inhaled – this is why we have zippers that cannot be opened by children, you must use a paperclip.

At home, the cheapest option may not be the smartest.

VERY IMPORTANT: Size does matter. If its too big between your legs, it’s going to be uncomfortable to wrap your legs around. Too small and there’ll be no support. Remember, you can always take out some of the beads to let the seat / foot stool shape to your butt better.

Something with a diameter of 12-15 inches will work well (depending on your body type) and a height of 12 inches. Remember, the height can vary depending on how many beads you remove from the bag. Below are some examples:


You might be able to find a solution in your house that will support you under your butt and lift you off the ground.

The easiest option, grab as many pillows as you can find and find a comfortable position – the problem with this is that the pillows will compress within a few minutes and you’ll lose the support… Alternatively tightly roll a thick blanket so it’s approximately 12 inches in diameter. A sleeping bag can also work too. A sleeping bag wont compress as much, nor will a tightly rolled blanket. These may take some time to figure out what your body needs.

The best / cheapest option home brew option (NOT SAFE WITH CHILDREN AROUND). Find an old cushion cover, and fill it with bean bag beads! I have used a pillow case before (with a zipper closure) – this works – but not as good as our poufs. The beads are super cheap to buy but they create a massive mess if you spill the beads onto the floor – I did. Your cushion cover should be big enough to your body. The material shouldn’t stretch.

This is a BIG no no if you have children. Without a safety zipper children can open the zip and get access to the beans. Please be careful.

The thrift shop opportunity. You’ll probably find something cheap and good to fill with bean bag beads in the thrift shop. Who knows, you may even find a retro pouffe that’s both stylish and practical to use when massaging. nice!


Adjust your dimensions to suit a 12 inch diameter width for a good fit between your legs.

I recommend sewing in a zipper on the bottom circle to easily fill this bag with beads. I also recommend you keep the height around 16 inches, that will make it easier to fill with beans, you only need to fill it 2/3 full.

Knitted Pouf Pattern

I recommend this pattern because of its dimensions – I have no idea how to knit so I cannot give you recommendations on how easy it is to follow this pattern. It will cost you $4 on Etsy.

Make this yourself