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MasterClass PRO monthly subscription
Unlocks These Classes

Head, Hands + Feet

This massage requires no oil or lotion. It's delicious and unbelievably relaxing.

Hand Massage

Hands are never massaged. This routine is delicate and light. It's Denis' favourite.

Foot Massage

A foot-rub is pure heaven. Every relationship needs a good foot massage in it.

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12 Month Bundle
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There are so many tutorials inside the MasterClass + Head, Hands & Feet – 12 months is a good amount of time to learn everything.  

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Enjoy taking it slow, get to know your partner's body

With so much to learn, this package gives you the freedom explore each other.
Get to know what strokes work for you without rushing it.

As your hands mature and improve you'll begin to learn even more.
Brilliance comes with time and repetition.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Do I Really Need 12-months or More?
This depends on what your relationship needs? There is no right or wrong.
It's not necessary to complete all of Melt's MasterClass to give a good massage.

Although, 3 months isn't much time to properly learn everything.
90% of couples continue their subscription.

3 months is if you're using massage to play and be cheeky.
12 months (more) is for couples who find a deeper connection and learn about each other.
Downloadable Routines
The MasterClass includes a 5-min | 15-min | 30-min massage routine.
12 months and Lifetime bundles allow you to download these routines.
60 Days Money Back On Your Videos
Melt helps relationships learn together, explore each other be playful.
If it's not working for you, email Denis within 60 days and he'll refund your money.
We love the part about the mushy-mushy yum-yum bits.
Dan & Rachel
Illinois - USA
My boyfriend's love language is physical touch. I want to become fluent in this language.
Kaileen & Michael
California - USA