Jaw Pain

90 Second : Short Class

Text your partner right now, with:

“babe, I need 5-minutes of uninterrupted time tonight. We’re doing something fun. You in?”

Make the first massage super easy and achievable, and you’ll both be inspired to dig into the MasterClass (that’s where true connection is found).

Relationships are more rewarding when you share similar values and goals.

Everybody hurts here!  The release feels nice. Try it when winding down before sleep.

  • Lead by giving the first massage.
  • Swap roles, ask them to copy you.
  • Discuss; share thoughts.
    • Tell your partner what you enjoyed most.
    • What you think would work better
    • Sometimes a slight change of seated position for comfort helps
  • Swap roles again one more time.

About PlayTime Classes

  • They’re short! (take 90 seconds to watch).
  • Minimal > no effort to do.
  • You can only access them via email
  • Builds confidence (helps you get started without fuss).

Not found in the MasterClass

The PlayTime classes are bespoke to LifeTime Members. When emailed to you, make of use them! They’re a valuable resource of motivation and fun (think of them like couples massage snacks!)

MasterClass Cheat Sheet

Unlike the PlayTime Series, the MasterClass requires thought, effort and practice. It’s here where you make your partner melt.

  • Ambience

    • A clean space matters. A tidy environment is more relaxing.
    • Vacuum the floor, you’ll be massaging on it
    • Dim lights is intimate, candles are good
    • A warm room is important
    • Create a sanctuary that’s inviting
  • Comfort

    • Practice where you sit first
    • Explore how to be comfortable before following a massage routine.
    • The moment you  (or your partner feels uncomfortable) the massage ends
    • A foot-stool and yoga mat makes it easier to sit the way we do
  • Tools Needed

    Have everything ready before you start massaging. The best massages flow (don’t get interrupted).

    • Massage Oil – buy Melt’s Massage Oil here
      • Oil makes your massages better.
      • It’s a must
    • Foot Stool – buy foot-stools here
      • These are manufactured for Melt
      • You can find alternatives on this page
    • Hand Towel To Remove Oil
    • Extra Towel To Cover Up
    • Laptop, TV or iPad To Follow The Classes
  • Sensuality / Intimacy

    • Make your first massage playful / sensual
    • Focus on connection in the beginning, technique will get better in time.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: the connection is more intense the better your technique.
      • This is the positive loop:
      • Connection > inspires better technique > increases connection > the loop continues

    We keep our videos clean

    With only a hint of intimacy implied. At home you can make it as intimate as you like.